Comprehensive Psycho-educational Assessments

 In the first appointment, you will present the issue that requires assessment. Then an interview will be carried to obtain information needed to carry the assessment. The testing process lasts between one to two sessions. At the end of the assessment, a confidential report will be written and handed to you. A final session will be arranged to discuss the results and recommendations of the assessment.

 Assessments do not attract Medicare rebates.


Appointments are confidential. When you leave a phone message or send an email, be assured that it will be received and treated with confidentiality.

 All matters discussed will be kept confidential, unless anything mentioned is a threat to yourself or anybody else.

 The session duration is between 50 to 55 minutes, starting at the agreed time. If you happen to be late, please be aware that your session time will be reduced.

In the first session, you will present the issue that requires psychological intervention. During the same session, the best approach to address your problem will be discussed, and alternatives to start the process will be offered.

 The number of subsequent sessions is variable. On average it takes from five to ten sessions, with the last session being an evaluation of the process. However, some clients respond very effectively to the intervention, and in some cases, two sessions will be enough for them.

 If you would like to have Medicare rebates, you need to see your General Practitioner (GP) before booking an appointment. Your GP will offer you six sessions, which you will use according to your needs and availability. At the end of these sessions, your GP will review your case. If needed, more sessions will be granted for the year.